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Barbervax Features


Controls Barber’s
Pole worm


Environmentally friendly

No chemicals. Suppresses worm egg production, cleans up your pasture.


Long-term solution.

No vaccine resistance


Less drenching needed

Onset of drench resistance is delayed.


Easy to use

One product type, same dose per shot for all sheep.


No withholding period

or export slaughter interval.


Barbervax is available in the following countries:

Australia: Barbervax can be purchased from several stores in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland, where Barbers Pole worm is particularly problematic, but it can be shipped nationwide. Visit our “Buy” section for a list of stockists.

UK: Barbervax is currently available in the UK under Veterinary prescription arrangements from Merlin Vets Export Ltd

South Africa: Barber’s Pole worm is known as Wireworm in South Africa, and as such Barbervax is marketed as Wirevax by Afrivet.

Barbervax product

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Barbervax product shot